Welcome to Downtown Lake Oswego!

David Dahle – Marketing Director
(503) 290-4735

Know Local Media is a media partner to the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce.

We are a promotional media company that strives to make a sustainable difference in the communities that we work in. We started the Campaign OPEN project to focus on the needs of downtown businesses and organizations and make a difference that matters at the heart of the Lake Oswego community.

We create and organize events in the downtown districts that reflect our past by renewing these areas as gathering places that nourish community involvement. Our present and future depends on the support of history, commerce and relationships between every citizen, organization and business owner.

This project is powered by Know Local Media through it’s “Knocal” community internet news and entertainment channels. We believe we improve peoples lives when they feel informed about their community through multi-media and by sharing experiences that enhance their lifestyle.